Brighter Day Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

We audit different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself. We specialize in difficult to find claims. There are many types of unclaimed assets that have a myriad of different sources such as safe deposit bank contents, mutual funds, uncashed checks, wages, insurance policies, utility deposits, escrow accounts, and inheritance money to name just a few.
We spend a lot of time and effort using our skills to locate our clients, primarily by doing internet searches.
Please call us and one of our representatives would be more than happy to explain the nature of your claim. Once you have signed our contingency fee agreement, we’ll be happy to disclose where the funds have been located!
The governmental agencies we audit typically DO NOT post these unclaimed funds accounts online. You are welcome to search state unclaimed funds websites, and you can likely find money owed to you or someone you know. Although these websites are great tools, you won’t find the claim you were contacted about there. Not all claims are easy to find and a considerable amount of time and resources have been spent gathering the many details of your claim.
The agencies holding the assets often have many specific requirements that must be followed for proving your entitlement to the claim and submitting your request. In addition, these agencies can sometimes prove to be difficult to work with in their response times and paying your money. After all, they stand to keep the money if you do not follow their rules and meet their deadlines. Our organization has the training and experience necessary to navigate the labyrinth of government agencies holding the funds and know precisely what needs to be done to claim your funds.